If you want to save tax without what are some saving and investment options any market risk, then post office schemes may be a good option for you. Post office schemes are much secure investment options than those available in the market today. Post office schemes, which provide tax-saving benefit, should have an investment horizon of 5 years. You will not get high returns compared to the market linked investment products, but the returns are assured which are subject to change as per government policies.

A term deposit account is opened by an individual. The account can be transferred from one post office to another. There is no limit to open a term deposit account. A minor who is above the age of 10 years can operate the account. The investment made for 5-year term deposit will be qualified for deductions under 80C. There is again no limit for deposit money in the TD account. Interest is payable annually, but calculated quarterly.

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4th quarter of FY 2016-17 is 7. The scheme is specially designed for government employees, businessmen, and the salaried person whose salary is taxable. There is no maximum limit for investment. However, you will get deduction up to Rs. The certificate issued for NSC can be used as security for availing a loan. If you buy NSC every month for the next five years and on each maturity re-invest the same, on retirement it will provide you monthly pension income.

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