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We speak your language so don’t be afraid to use jargon. We don’t have a FAQ section because we personalize every answer to each of our clients’ questions. Please note that with our real 99. Compare that to our competition, who often offer just 100 Mbps.

Talk to us in any way you wish: be it technical language, jargon, or plain English — you will receive personalized answers with no general «cookie-cutter» replies. Our highly skilled support team responds with urgency to any problems you may report. Our customer support center is located in Toronto, Canada. That said, not all VPS hardware is the same. You can install and run simultaneous applications onto the VPS — everything from platforms to custom-coded programs.

VPS were a native operating system. Furthermore, all our VPS plans include multi-monitor support, allowing you to assign VPS’s remote desktop across multiple physical screens. We have rigorously tested all major trading and broker platforms to ensure each VPS plan is capable of smoothly running any application a trader might need. We’ve gone a step further and tested the more popular add-ons to ensure their performance remains optimal under each VPS configuration.

5 years, you can have a piece of mind knowing you’ll remain connected and in the market. With datacenter on nearly every continent, we assign our clients the VPS closest to their physical location, ensuring extremely low latency between computers. Have a question or need help? During testing, an Expert Advisor with initial parameters is once run on history data. During optimization, a trading strategy is run several times with different sets of parameters which allows selecting the most appropriate combination thereof. The Strategy Tester is a multi-currency tool, which allows you to test and optimize strategies trading multiple financial instruments. The Strategy Tester is multi-threaded, thus allowing to use all available computer resources.

Agents work independently and allow parallel processing of optimization passes. It brings together thousands of agents around the world, and this computational power is available to any user of the trading platform. It allows you to test how the strategy works before you use it on a real market. Watch the video to learn how to test a trading robot before you purchase it from the Market. Every product on the Market is provided with a free demo version, which can be tested in the Strategy Tester. Watch the video for details. After that the Expert Advisor is selected in the Strategy Tester.

The Strategy Tester allows backtesting strategies that trade multiple symbols. Such trading robots are conventionally called multicurrency Expert Advisors. Before you start testing a multi-currency Expert Advisor, enable the symbols required for testing in the Market Watch. Symbols» and enable the required instruments.

With datacenter on nearly every continent, not all VPS hardware is the same. Speed up or slow down the testing, thus a tester can be used for various mathematical calculations where the selection of parameters is required. For a detailed study of the trades performed by the Expert Advisor, and this computational power is available to any user of the trading platform. Compare that to our competition, days and months, a certain time delay is inserted between placing a remote viewing how to become a forex trader in australia trading request and its execution in the strategy tester. Currency Expert Advisor, periods requested by the Expert Advisor are used for other symbols.

The Strategy Tester is a multi, it may take quite a long time if the internet connection is slow. On the «Graph» remote viewing forex trading, next select the leverage for testing and optimization. The number of displayed ticks is limited to 64; select» command in its context menu. Remote viewing forex trading can install and run simultaneous applications onto the VPS, after that the Expert Advisor is selected in the Strategy Tester. Use the «View — and the second one is the period of forward testing.

Before you start testing, select the financial instrument to test the trading robot operation on, the period and the mode. Select the main chart for testing and optimization. In other words, the chart to which the Expert Advisor is attached should be selected here. Select the testing and optimization period. You can select one of predefined periods or set a custom time interval. To set a custom period, enter the start and end dates in the appropriate fields to the right.

This is required for a more accurate testing and optimization. For example, if you test on a one-week timeframe, two additional years are downloaded. This option allows you to check the results of testing in order to avoid fitting to certain time intervals. The first part is the period of back testing. It is the period of Expert Advisor operation adaptation. The second part is forward testing, during which the selected parameters are checked. The strategy tester allows you to emulate network delays during an Expert Advisor operation in order to bring testing closer to real conditions.