Which License Is Best For Option trading in dubai license cost? Dubai company register: Which license is the most appropriate for you?

Discover the steps you need to take. Which license is the most appropriate for you? We discuss on this page the categories and procedures required to get your business licensed and registered in Dubai. Please invest 2 minutes of your time to watch the video about Dubai company formation below. It spells out how you can benefit. The requirements for a Trade License and the permissions required from various agencies and government ministries can vary depending on the category of the business. That means some types of businesses for example financial services, health services, printing and publishing, food trading require more clearances than say a general trading business.

Dubai is the government agency responsible for issuing these licenses for Dubai. The department operates from several locations delivering the licensing services. This is the place where a businessman must go for a comprehensive range of services. Issuance of licenses for manufacturing companies must have the approval of the Finance and Industry Ministry. Issuance of licenses for companies engaged in insurance and other similar firms must have the approval of the Ministry of Economy and Commerce, UAE. GCC nationals or entities is permitted. In artisan or professional companies in which total foreign ownership is allowed.

In the case of a foreign entity registering a representative or branch office in the UAE. In the case where a professional license is being applied for crafts e. However a local national must be taken as service agent. A major consideration in business registration in Dubai and the other Emirates is the choice of a business structure. This privilege is given on the condition that a local agent is appointed.

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Setting up a representative or branch office in Dubai may also be a consideration worth looking into as far as some foreign entities are concerned. The business registration in Dubai for this option is covered by the Commercial Companies Law. Based on the foregoing facts and details, it is evident that Dubai company registration and elsewhere in the UAE is a process completely free of any complication. This steps requires careful consideration of what services would you expect from the Sponsor. Would you like him to be assisting you in resolving your problem with the government procedures or would you just want his name on the license and nothing else? What fees are you prepared to pay per year?