Please forward this error screen to 172. What have you learned this term? In this class, I practiced writing sentences with blog activities and learned some grammar rules. Even now I struggle with writing bondi junction trading hours australia day, but I think my writing skill has become much better than before.

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Also, I learned referencing through this class. I studied the rules of referencing at the language centre in term 1, but I couldn’t understand well at that time. We always have to put references on writings, so it became a good practice to write references. What did you find most beneficial about the course? For me, grammar rules were most beneficial in this course.

Since my major in home university is English communication, I will have to write sentences in English such as graduation thesis. I think that things I learned from this course will help me a lot. However, I still not good at writing sentences and make many grammar mistakes, so I have to keep practicing. Grammar rules, usages of words, and writing blogs of each week. I have checked feedbacks of previous assessment tasks, and lecturer pointed out my grammar mistakes in both feedbacks. To be honest, I want to study grammar rules from the beginning. Blog activities were good opportunities to practice them, but I still do not have confidence.

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